Friday, September 11, 2009

Hope Over Fear

"I believe our nation works best with robust and civic dialogue and civil debate. For mature societal conversations to take place, at least two mature parties are required, and looking back over this summer, a second party is hard to find.  The Obama administration needs a worthy loyal opposition, just as any group in power does, and the president himself often says so. But people who shout “Hitler, Nazi, socialist” don’t constitute a worthy loyal opposition."

This is an excerpt from an article titled "A Plea for a New Generation of Republican Leadership".  It's borderline prophetic as days after the article was published on Sojourners, Rep. Joe Wilson from (where else) South Carolina disrupted Obama's speech to Congress by shouting "You lie!".  Stay classy South Carolina.

To make this post a bit more redemptive, this is another article (by a Republican) that is a bit old now but it's from someone that I've admired from afar, read his books, quoted him, brushed shoulders with (once at the 2008 CCDA conference), listened to his podcasts, and also subscribe to his 'Urban Perspectives' newsletter.  I'm a big fan.

I love the opening line because I think it's easy for to demonize all Republicans (for those of us on the pro-health care reform side) as heartless and greedy:  "Just because I'm a political conservative doesn't mean I lack compassion for those who can't afford adequate medical coverage."

Later in the article he says, "I seriously doubt that health-care reform can be accomplished without raising our taxes, but, frankly, that's one of the taxes I wouldn't mind paying. Compared to the costly wars we have funded recently, health care seems like a rather redemptive investment."

Here is the link: Republicans Want Health Care, Too